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Thread: I was banned and I don't know why

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    Exclamation I was banned and I don't know why

    6/7/2020 8:31
    I have been banned from the pl_upward/pl_borneo matches I was on last night, I looked at Fragmasters Community - Ban List but I don't see my name anywhere on the list, the last ban ever on that website list was made 2 days ago so it confirms that I am not even on there for VAC bans. I looked everywhere but I do not see an reason to why I was banned.
    Although I am using two VPN's for security reasons and that's why there is two of me on the search for my name. Is that why I was banned? Because i'm just trying to protect my IP address with the two VPN's that I have.
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    Your ban shall remain, you are welcome to play on other TF2 servers.

    You are banned for aimbot, on your previous account. STEAM_0:0:543419519
    Fragmasters Community - Player Information

    Your current accout: STEAM_0:1:549267969
    Fragmasters Community - Player Information

    Your chance to admit the truth, before I close this thread.


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