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    tf2 needs an update, if you could sort it out please that would be great.
  2. Hello . I unfortunately was banned on one of your servers, for excuse the ridiculous reason. Yes, I was to blame, because I changed my nickname during the battle. But still I really miss your server, so I ask you to unban me. I was banned on the server L.A.Z.T.O.W.N
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    can you please resolve the problem of player -C who is using constant vial insults including asking for players and their relatives to die in gas chamber, he is destroying the server will not stop mic spamming. His behaviours is horride. If you fail to follow this up I'll pass the info onto valve as the server is not dealing terrible behaviour.
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    Hello! I donated today via Paypal.

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    Hello, I have just come the Lazytown server and heard the players camm. Player ID: 924,909, Unique ID: STEAM_0:0:51179139, spamming the mic constantly using very nasty and foul language plus threatening behaviour against other players within the game. This player will do this every time he logs on and done the same thing over the few months. His behaviour is destroying the game for all other players. I am not here to analyse his psychological condition put to point out as I observed tonight , a collective of players very annoyed with his awful behaviour.
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    howdy! can you help me get unbanned? I just changed my name and instantly got banned. Here's my steam id: STEAM_1:0:42211716
  7. Can i get unbanned please i changed my name and got instantly

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    My IGN name is Gaming_Oliver I was playing and I changed my name and then I got banned I madea admin request thing before making this sry..
    Please can you unban me from the server (TF2 P.A.Y.L.O.A.D)
    I see others have had the same issue

    thx, Gaming_Oliver

    My profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311426014/
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    Could you please investigate the VIP player 'Dust', always plays as sniper, always top of the score table, always the ability to to vitrually shoot through walls, never misses and has a extemely high fire rate as sniper. Many players are unhappy and if something is too good to be true it usually it is. As a VIP I can say enough is enough and if this is goes on I will sadly have to terminate my paypal. Sorry but this has to be delt with.
  10. Ive donated today and just need to send my steam id Steam Community :: Noodle for vip things have a nice day
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    Excuse me, Could you tell me why i'm banned?
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    There's not vip on
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    Urgent: we have four players on TF2 lazytown who are together building 4 sentires simultanously on the roof of point 3. As you know the rules askes not to build on the roof the as it is impossible to prodceed on this map as the oppostion against thse defences. The players involved were votekicked muiltple times but immediately log back in. They are destroying the ability of a balanced games and have resorted to personal insults against those who ask to remove the sentries. As of now Sun 24 dec 2017 at around 17:30 they are in game. The players are as follows:BeEazy, Andre, w+m 1 dominator and datboi2197 with BeEazy as the leader. Could you please resolve the probelm as it is running the game for all others and if so there is no reason to donate to a game that is being trolled. Thankyou.
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    Got votebanned for "cheating" but i didnt so.....
    On lazytown.
  15. Got banned for no reason on CP_Lazytown (TF2) multiple messages on forums/steam group and private messages and no one is helping me ...(i guess a name change i did is reason enough to be banned? lol) Steam Community :: Pyro Legend
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    i register my account on fragmaster website
    but i have a big problem
    people who play on your server offend me and still ban
    This is already tiring because several times a day do
    I know that you are the admin,
    You can do something about it?
    especially a player OTTO urges others to ban me
    insults and he is racist
    you have to enter the game and see what is going on
    and funny is the player "fragmaster" offends me too. please help..... O_o Mr. Disarry
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    On the Lazytoen server on the night of 22nd Jan 2016 a player named 'Yoda' repeatedly used the words faggot then the typical mums jokes when he was asked to remove a sentry from the roof and then was dominated. The player was previously votekicked when he called the whole server laztown 'faggots' but he has returned. I have not lowered myself to him but chose to leave it to you. This is an extremely nasty person who has issues.
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    So today i was playing on a pl_badwater and i got banned for changing my new to Tartanous to sm0key my steam id STEAM_0:0:184328200
    please unbann me
  20. hello
    I am playing in fragmasters dustbowl server (TF2) and there is guy whose real nickname is Oma Teelbal and he changed his nickname to my nickname ( Endurance) and was talking very bad to me and convinced people to think that I am the fake guy and people started votebanning me because they thought I was the fake guy. Moreover, he is anti-semitic and calling me and anyone else who plays in this server and from Israel "fucking jew", etc.
    here is his steamprofile Steam Community :: Endurance \_(?)_/
    here is his steam id STEAM_0:0:133152514
    he has been doing it for more than a month.

    please ban him
  21. hello, could you help sort activating my donation perks please? Thanks
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    ?hi i just change my username in the game I got banned
    Pls unbanned me

    Server payload
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    irish are u here?
    there are 2 racists on the server, anychance u doing something to help
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    Looking at these messages posted to you about some dude called Jebu... Is this why I got banned?!
  25. Hello. Today when i tried to join one of FM's Tf2 server It said that i've got banned. I dont know for what reasons but I can ensure you guys that im not cheating. I write this post in hope that It Is possible to unban me?
    My steam acc: http://steamcommunity.com/id/oglaba/
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    Hello. What can be done about trolls and hackers? Just now the whole tf2 payload server was trying to ban a guy called Jebu who was spamming the mic constantly, yet he was able to leave and rejoin just before the ban making it impossible to get rid of him. Surely there must be a way to beat these trolls? Why are there never admins online to deal with this. We are powerless against these trolls. Please help or offer advice.
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    and for some reason hes passing voteban
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    serious aimbotter on here dave player name " jebu " he was on yesterday doing the same thing, extremely frustrating.
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    Hello. Today the first time I joined your server and I immediately gave the ban. For what it is and whether it is possible to unban me?
    My steam acc Steam Community :: :[
    My steam id STEAM_0:1:68775545
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    I just wasted three seconds of your life. I bet your smiling now behind that screen.
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    Aimbotter is killing css offfice server.
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    server is glitching all over the place can u reset please
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    server is down mate
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    Hi Irish good to see your still playing FM after all these years..
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    hey irish can you please look at my vip membership.. purchased today through paypal
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    hey irish, pls can u try to get my ban removed, i got banned last night cos they thought i cheated i never cheat, i was just playing well thats all
  37. listen mate i dont see you in my friends list so add me for that dead island epidemic key jobby k
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    tank you for the music
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    I have taken the liberty to up the ban of "nigaashark" to two months as it seems you keep having trouble with his reincidence. Hope you don't mind.
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    Just donated to fragmasters, "Madara" STEAM_0:0:19781987
  41. hello someone can not do it in three days is not good for server time left * Goldrush / Badwater * **
  42. Yo chief I just donated for the first time to VIP but no change ingame! am I being a noob or whats the crack?
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    A full seven percent of the entire Irish barley crop goes to the production of Guinness beer.
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    Windmills always turn anti-clockwise. Except for the windmills in Ireland!
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    Another great performance haha *smells a mid table finish coming*
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    Gotta get those 250,000 posts!
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    Great performance from the scousers today
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    Fastest online responder.
  49. its on vipbox.com mate
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    yeah its all good mate kids drive me mental haha

    and yeah after that dreadful showing at the euros cant wait for the pl to start again
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