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    Heyy baby cakes.

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    Am single :'(
  3. hola artur , como estas ? Only saw the message today
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    Miss u @ vent mate <3
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    Whoaaa bro are those your abs? Uve been pumpin em up good hehe good job (Y). U off to Venezuela wow cool for how long? Enjoy it mate cause the weather here in Europe is shit.

    Me goooooooooooooood busy busy working went to pakistan for foz wedding then came back went again to london with my girl hehe now saving money for Greece ! xD

    Dont miss CS but miss ya guys hehe
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    Hej Artur Rey!

    ja im good, but kind a bored in this season. miss summer
    Many homeworks aswell, (just wanna have a job!) hehe.
    but im healthy and thats great.

    How are the könig?
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    jo playa alles klar?
    wie läuft bei dir der start ins neue jahr ?
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    ja man!!! ich bin der könig! du penis komm mal nach karlsruhe
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    Yo man . yeah im still active .

    Going gr8 with gym , started with muay thai now agine also so im keeping my self buiessy hahah

    how about you ?
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    Sers, ja, alles im Lot bei mir. =) Bei dir hoff ich auch ?
    Kannst dich ja an Wochenenden mal wieder öfters aufm Server zeigen .
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    hahaa, its too small to make me horny ^^

    and sweeeeeet. yeah im fine too thanks mate. just lots of work and assignments :L :<
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    Love it when i'm drunk x
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    dudeeeeee, your like naked! :O Hahaa

    hows you?
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    happy new yeah

    don't get to drunk :P
  15. hola artur yo te beso como estas?
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    ey Arturrrr my homeyy whats going on with ya ???
  18. das war eh nicht ihr account irgendwie .. sondern der von "tino" .. s1ngularity.. ihrem bruder oder whatever. keine ahnung was und wer hier fake ist is auch scheiss egal hatte von anfang an kopfschmerzen mit dem wesen
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    Bin Deutsch (Aus Bayern)
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    Yo m8 whats goin on ?!
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    Uhm ? :$ Sex?
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    Lol xD
    Ofc i didnt Hip Hop is teh shit :P
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    FQ ! how ya been mate
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    ey bro, no my acc got deleted cause i didnt use it for two months rofl dont have time for msn, ill readd ya though

    Hows work? Still missin ya lady?
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    hah. si si i have Vacation ftw!. so lots of ladys
    Ye that could be awsome to see Ya, really i bet we will someday. !
    (Wie gehts )
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    yo, I know how you feel, if i dont see my gf for one week i feel weird. Im good ty but busy now when Foz is gettin married this december, I know Pakistani ppl get married a lot haha. Good to hear from you and have fun <3.
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    nah we paid, but we got a massive discount, and i didnt pay for the photoshoot thing itself, gf did for my bday lol
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    Haha I've had a haircut from then mate, its all good now haha.

    Just got back from a long weekend drinking in Southampton - was absolutely amazinggggg!!
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    mhja... bei mir gibts eigentlich nix neues... alles beim alten

    Komm halt wieder mehr Public spielen...auf FM & ventrilo. Das is doch immer recht lustich
    ... a weng rum-ragen ^^

    cya =)
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    I'm fine mate <33

    Supp ?? ^^

    Playing 1.6 again a bit ? x
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    were is dennis btw that red haired dude from red light area, and ofc hey to you my son :>
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    Ah so youre busy makin money ey xD sounds cool. Well if your girl is away take the opportunity and PARTY !

    Im fine mate as I just told harti i finally moved in with my girl so I cant play cs on a laptop from there plus my girl hates it. But Ive got plans on going to Greece with her so we'll see

    Have fun <3
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    ey man hows your summer moving on? going anywhere?
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    haja alles klar bei mir hab grade 2 wochen sturm und das wetter is einfach zu geil xD
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    Added ^^
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    Yo meh bro hows life xD?
    Yea mate atm Ive got loads of things going on so no time for CS but honestly dont miss it that much either

    Keep on chiliin
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    hai dude .. can you upload your config fore me (A)
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    Haiii Fantastiq ! Been along time
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    Buying clothes!!!!! atm ..
    and youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3
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    Yeeee boi, well I've not gone home yet. But i'm into summer vacation, 3 months :P. Move into my new house with my mates in sept too .

    Gym = hench!! :P haha im fine btw, how are you?
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    haha !im drinking milk only !breast milk !!!!hohoho! yeah love !thx again !!!
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  44. TEH VERY LAST CS WHORE ... erm hero
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    :O! Ive had one :P.. just not cut much off hehe.

    Im fine ta mate, yourself?
    Just been working n assignments n shizzle, what you been up to?
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    hehe dude im happy 4 ya xD. I've quit cs more or less find it boring nowadays, more fun to be with my gf... we're moving in together soon I think

    Enjoooooooy and see ya bro xD peace
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    scheiss auf masiv xD was geht so fQ`?
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    komm her du hurensohn

    das lied ist ja noch schlimmer...get a taste of music...
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    haha, my gf and i do have a hot time so im pretty sweet.
    nice you have a good time brow!! IDD!:
    you glad = im glad :P hahha! almost summer now artur!!, damn your favorite time! :O

    Kasper Hartmann .P!
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