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  1. Hi Mr. Fragmaster, i donated 6GBP.
    Would be awesome if i would be given the benefits from this?
    Here is my steamID
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    He says lots of people on his friends list have the same problem, I found this, not sure if it will help or not:
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    Dream Killer cant get on the forum. Any ideas on a fix?

    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: ur website is off
    Sean [FM]: all the recent updates kill the mods
    Sean [FM]: no FM is working for me: http://www.fragmasters.co.uk/forum.php
    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: cant open
    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: you dont have permisson to access/forum.php on this serve
    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: ur page telling me
    Sean [FM]: thats strange
    Sean [FM]: what browser?
    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: google chrome
    Sean [FM]: you can open without the php bit too, try http://www.fragmasters.co.uk/forum
    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: sean got the msg same
    Sean [FM]: wow, this is very weird
    Sean [FM]: have you tried internet explorer, or firefox?
    -=|GB|=- Dream Killer: got same msg from internet explorer
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    Hey ph33r do you have a complete list of the server rules for dods, I cant find them.
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    Great man thx
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    What you asked me about admin rights on the dods server I just wanted to say I gladly accept
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    Just to let you know, I seem to be having problems when trying to add a pic or video to a post. The box appears to enter the address but then it won't let me press ok.
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    Mods all down on DODS & CSS. Voteban not working, ranking gone etc etc. I assume today's update killed them
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    Yeah I was having a look ata few maps today. There are de_contra & cs_kismayo remakes but they aren't perfect apparently.
    BTW that guy in the chatbox donated and put his Steam ID in the thread for you
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    Is TF2 VIP working ok? Donator in chatbox:

    Used Tampon: donator benefots broke on tf2?
    Used Tampon: I keep getting auto team swapped but everything else is working fine
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    Thank you! I am well, I'm not in London at the moment but I will be coming back in about two weeks.
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    Last Ciggy down
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    Hi pheer, donators list needs updating when you have time
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    Hey uh somehow I subscribed to fragmasters paying every month donation, I would like my money back for this month since I don't want it anymore
  17. apparently the dods server is down mate.
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    Thanks Ph33r. A restart would be brilliant. A reset would be perfect though!
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    Hey mate,
    My VIP aint on @ CS:GO? Could you check it for me please?
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    Morning Ph33r.

    Can you take a look at the thread below and see if you can help at all?


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    Hi, if you get the chance would it be possible to reset the stats for the office server? Think a lot of people liked when it renewed every month, especially the newer players.
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    Thanks! ;D
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    So, did you do it?
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    Hey man I donated, also posted @ thread can you fix the vip stuff for me if you'd like
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    can you add worldedit and command book to the Minecraft server please
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    Its on youtube now
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    Check admin section
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    Hey, think the CSGO server is down.
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    Sure! I hope We keep it up and running!
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    Long time no see. Just got a quicker computer so hopefully be on more regularly in between work and shit. Surprised to see FM still about to be honest. From what I've seen server seems regularly well visited.
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    I will be. I never really noticed in the 10 months I been playing on your server that you had a forums until I seen the thing to apply for admin. My buddies and I are migrating from another game and we really like playing on your server. I noticed my buddy BEMHO is already ranked 12th. He used to kill all in our other game. He is the one that got us playing on the server 10 months ago. We pretty much only play on the dustbowl server.
  32. Hi,

    Thanks for activating.

    I will do my best

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    hi,bought me a fm tshirt from yakk
  34. lazytown needs a restart to update it
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    dustbowl server is down
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    did u ban him?
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    I shall try my best good sir, i have not been as active as i would like but im gonna try and get more involved into the community !
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    Just to let you know, office regs are saying that the buy time is something like 80 secs now, maybe the restart/crashes messed with the config?
  39. http://www.fragmasters.co.uk/game-servers/44895-vip-skins.html theres been a few questions regarding this in the chatbox lately, not sure if youre aware?
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    Will do
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    i txt that number on forums,correct number
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    ok sent that txt
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    did ya forget to reset stats?
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    I wasn't talking about mine bro, just in general, the skins haven't been working for a while.
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    Need to fix the vip skins
  46. Just donated and sent you a PM, thanks man!
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    hey mate, ive donated and sent you a PM thanks
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    Hey , I have donated

    My login name on steam is :shadow0998

    And my profile name is : ThE UnDeAd

    thank you for your time .
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