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    blue nose steam id


    i think its him...
  2. Is there prblem with chatbox ?? i get this message You don't have permission to see the Chatbox.
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    hai sexy <3
  4. uploaded , check download section.
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    Yo ph33r m8 you got the source tv demo for the office and contra match just now please

    Good, good fun that was.
  6. just donated under name benji

    steam i.d. 0:0:5853234
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    oink oink:P g0t milk?
  8. aight well sorry for all the misunderstanding but anyway i will be donatin so how does it work? do i give u my steam id or sumtin then i use paypal through the donation link on the site?
  9. cheers buddie, will you be hosting this in the United Kingdom ?
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    Hey man,

    We are at the start of planning the next (second) Schweriner Ausnahmezustand (martial law) LAN Party. Currently we are looking at 2 different locations where we can do this. The first is for upwards of 100 people. The second can seat upwards of 2000 people and can be rented/borrowed in sections so that we can do 500 people and not have to rent/barrow the entire building.

    The reason I am writing is that you and the FM team have always been the best at organizing events and I would love to be able to pump your brains for info and ideas. If you can see your way clear to give me/us a hand just let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. I would also like to invite you, the Community Admins, and the rest of the FM teams (the official FM Clans) to attend.

    t00 m4d f00
    pink berets | slippery nipple
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    what up yo.
  12. You have only been temp banned for 3 days.
  13. Hey man ive been banned from last cig server and i apealed but i aint gotten any more news about it but anyway wen i donate even tho ive been banned for no real reason is it possible to give someone that aint banned the "goodies" like skins and stuff?
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    pheer, how bout making a thread under the noticeboard, telling us all what the colour codes are :P im getting confused!
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    im tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred. amuse me
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    come online i need to ask u someink
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    safe y0
  18. oink oink <3
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    oink oink
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    Yeah dont tell Bahamut
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    Just sent you a pm, read it. It involves banning bahamut, shh tho.
  22. elo master
  23. yes sir
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    noob, give me mod access for simplicity yeah! SAFE! =]
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    cheers for the help dude
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    Ohh I never knew we could leave people messages on there profile.
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    plz fix ma sig.. spell Solider to Soldier
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    wag 1.... wah iz this supposed to be....
    come online i need ur help wid something
  29. will do
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    n00b phone me
  31. whats up, desi lover! haha
  32. hi fragmaster how r u
  33. <3
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    yo! nm man, just came back from birthday dinner!
    safe tings with da forum yeah! SAFE!
  35. I've just returned home, feel like having a munchie than afterward go to the polling station and vote for Ken Livingstone and the green party.
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  37. aren't we all
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    you're gay.
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