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  1. Setti is bugged and fooked up for 1.6...
    We should talk about this via chat ;-)
  2. Don Corleone has donated.
  3. when will you have time for a chat to sort some things? I will try to be online then

    afk kicker needs a fix or to be removed.

  5. hello
    all the best wishes for you and your family for 2010
  6. hello. thx for the updates on the 1.6 server. the nadeplugin is teh sex but could u remove the timelimit on the smokenades plz.
  7. I am sorry to hear that, I have removed your admin rights as instructed. I still hope to see you on the public server and organise future cs 1.6 events like always.
  8. yeah she loves big bananas ,)
  9. I bet she loves a good banana ...

    stats can be restarted and i posted the screenshots allready
  11. my gf wont be happy if she will see that, but heyyyyy I LOVVVEEEE YOUUUU
  12. oink oink m8. i hope everything is fine?
  13. <3
  14. Who needs VAC when we have SubbY
  15. VAC IZ OFF on all fm servers
  16. thx for editing my avatar
    can u update it to dat one plz.

  17. STEAM_0:1:6743732 just change it to 3 days.
    np, I changed it.
  18. not stickin to the rules...
    AMXBans - Bandetails

    its the 1st offence. why a 7 day ban? oO
  19. oink oink
    can u gimmeh mod rights in the rap section again plox
  20. nice one with teh "Upcoming Events" task on top <3 it thx m8
  21. i know what i posted and i know what u posted and u didnt post that i lose my head admin due my inactivity.
    i tried to be abit active and logged in and checked the forum with my mobile, but tbh i think its better that way and you should just remove my name from the list and my admin rights, but like i posted before, it would be nice if u keep up the vip on STEAM_0:0:59005 @ CS:S and 1.6 as i will still visit the servers and play on the servers from time to time.
  22. nice that u let me know that im no head admin for cs 1.6 anymore btw.
  23. <3 you Subby.
    banned the spambot's ip address.
  24. im just speechless trying to talk to you over one week now and it feels like you give a shit about some things. if u check dat one out - Enemy Down - Clan Members -[FM] - you will see that its workin fine and fm 1.6 will be more active now at the forum too.
    i pmed you about that and i know you told me ur busy wit important things, but for me this is one important thing too...would be really nice if we could have a chat tomorrow or so...its just not a nice feelin if u know wot i mean
  25. / thx no more words from me tbh
  26. Oink Oink

    can u create a clan forum named "Fragmasters 1.6" and a private forum plz. pass and some other things will be msged via msn

    <3 and thx in advance
  27. thx for deleting the clan section, but there was a reason for the private section and the public dont need to see this threads even if the clan folded. theres some private stuff... first priority threads wich need to be fully removed asap, will be pmed. check ur pms plz
  28. oink oink add koreru to ur steamfriends list plz.
    account change and i cant add u, it says ur list is full xD
    and check the thread i posted in 1.6 private plz.
    nice song btw <3

    and shurken [email protected]
  29. Unlucky about the Germans not winning Euro 2008 but at least they made it to the final and you have World Cup coming up soon.
  30. oink oink:P g0t milk?
  31. oink oink
  32. Hi subby
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