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  1. Hi,
    Yeah we are aware of this nugget called Jebu. Somehow he found a way to bypass sourceban. So he just rejoines even if a admin or mod bans him.
    Best way is to provide Fragmaster with the steam id so he can ban them all. There haven't been found a good solution yet for this troll. In the mean time it's best to just give fm the steamids he logs in to.
    We are powerless
  2. Hello. What can be done about trolls and hackers? Just now the whole tf2 payload server was trying to ban a guy called Jebu who was spamming the mic constantly, yet he was able to leave and rejoin just before the ban making it impossible to get rid of him. Surely there must be a way to beat these trolls? Why are there never admins online to deal with this. We are powerless against these trolls. Please help or offer advice.
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