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  1. I wanted your attention <3
    Nah just kidding misclicked, i have to do something about those bloody colour in my profile.
  2. Same here, I got a emaill on my smartphone too.

  3. That's fine, Paypal are very good with help and support.
  4. Hi Ph33r, I'm having troubles with my paypal account, I'm still working on that, I mailed them, but haven't got a reaction from pp yet.
    But so you know: I'm working on it
  5. oke
  6. Yes, you can, send it directly to this paypal address; [email protected]
  7. Hi ph33r it's nice to see you on office again
    I'm having a question about the a donation
    It says I donate every month 6GBP, but I can't donate every month 6GBP(student you know^^), so my question was can't I donate once in a while?
  8. High!
    well, its something private, if you know what I mean ^^
    just having a few questions
    Did you get the invite?
  9. You need to add me as a friend for private message to work.

    Your welcome to send me a visitor message.
  10. hi ph33r, I can't send you PM's
    is that possible?
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