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    i picked this up cheap at cdkeys and when i finished MGS TPP and got bored with Fallout 4 i fired it up not expecting much, turns out its quite an enjoyable game. ok ye its a wee bit repetitive but having said that it kept me coming back for more and ive now finished the story, havent 100%'d it but i'll probly dive in now and then to finish it. its fighting (mostly melee but it does have some shooting) and driving (obviously). the fighting is kinda like Assassins Creed and once you are power up its pretty easy, never had to redo a boss fight as its all dodge and attack rinse and repeat. the driving and vehicular combat is the best thing about the game although again once your are powered up that becomes pretty easy as well but early on its a bit of a challenge. the characters and settings capture the atmosphere of the movies pretty well. if you can find this for about a tenner or so id say grab it.

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    Yeah I read some decent reviews of this. I might give it a go if it drops down to pennies but I think XCOM 2 is going to be my next big adventure


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