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Thread: Films to see before you die!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreat8 View Post
    If anyone still haven's seen these two films it will be surprising.

    Everyone need to watch
    - 22 Jump street, i went to cinema to see it it is hilarious.
    - Pain & Gain, another great movie you really need to watch.
    Haven't seen them.

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    time for my annual bump, one post a year back on the fm forums.

    in no particular order.

    1. High fidelity (john crushak)
    2. the blues brothers.

    3. withnail and I
    4. lock stock and two smoking barrels.
    5. predetor
    6. pulp fiction
    7. American psycho
    8. platoon
    9. trainspotting
    10. taxi driver
    11. shawshank redemption
    12. clockwork orange
    13. Alien
    14. easy rider
    15. one flew over the cockoo's nest
    16. battle royle
    17. Godfather
    18. Godfather II
    19. deer hunter (1978)
    20. pan's labyrinth
    21. Goodfellas
    22. Enter the dragon
    23. Gladiator
    23. Azumi
    24. Cloverfield
    25. man on fire
    26. Jaws
    27. hustle & flow
    28. the Green mile
    29. Children of men
    30. The long good friday (bob hoskins 1981)
    Mean streets (1973) worth watching but not worthy of the list
    31. Casino (1995)
    32. The King of comedy
    33. lord of the rings the fellow ship of the ring.
    34. lord of the rings the Two towers.
    35. lord of the rings the return of the king.
    36. Star Wars episode 4
    37. the worlds fastest indian
    38. The dish
    39. Scarface
    40. The Italian Job
    41. monty python's life of Brian
    42. saving private ryan
    43. battle of britain
    44. dam busters
    45. Tora Tora Tora
    46. Great escape
    47. full metal jacket
    48. fear and loaving in las vegas
    49. castaway
    50. Titanic
    51. snatch
    52. Good morning Vietnam
    53. starship troopers
    54. Gran Turino (best film not to win a major award)
    55. Blade runner
    56. requiem for a dream
    57. bourne identity
    58. bourne supremacy
    59. bourne ultimatum
    60. back to the future
    61. jarhead
    62. Seven Samurai
    63. evil dead 2
    64. Jurrasic park
    65. last samurai
    66. enemy at the gate
    67. forrest gump
    68. Dirty dancing
    69. Ben Hur
    70. Hard Boiled
    71. The Damned United
    72. Ace Ventura
    73. dr. strangelove: or how i stopped worrying and love the bomb
    74. the hangover
    75. superbad
    76. contact
    77. 2001: a space odyssey
    78. vanishing point
    79. the dark knight
    80. inception
    81. Clerks.
    82. Clerks II
    83. Straw dogs
    84. The Beach
    85. Big trouble in little China
    86. Senna
    87. buffalo soldiers

    89. heat
    90. reservoir dogs
    91. the thing
    92. alien
    93. aliens
    94. star trek (2009)
    95. the girl with the dragon tattoo (2009)
    96. 50/50
    97. Battle Royal
    98. seven psychopaths
    99. the adjustment bureau
    100. In time
    101. Dogtown and the Z-boys
    102. UP
    103. Resevoir dogs
    104. The avengers
    105. Red state

    new additions -

    106. Untouchable - heart warming french film, won cannes and dozens of other awards well deserved too.
    107. McCullen - i notice the latter half of the list has a number of docufilms, to be fair they wouldn't be on here if they were rubbish, a stunning insight into the world renouned photojournalist, who seems as much at war with himself as those he was photographing
    108. The Lego Movie - may get a little stick for this but, it has a team america reference in it. and any kids film with a TA reference will get auto inclusion to this list
    109. Rambo - First Blood, yeah i'll let you have that one good film and it is one to see before you die in many respects
    110. Hot Shots! - parodies have never been as a good as this since
    111. Deathproof - i've been thinking about adding this film for years, like a lot of cult greats, it never starts well and only gets better with age, this is very much one of those, got about 3.5 stars when first released, now its 4.5 easy, its a slow start to the grindhouse masterpiece but the ending is jawdropping.

    88. replacing the social network - Gravity - despite its obvious plot flaws, it was a stunning visual experience that i doubt will be recreated in the next 30 years, if you missed it in the cinema all i can say is unlucky.

    22 jump street is a great film that for all intensive purposes copy pasta'd the original and stuck a 2 on it. and is there to purely mock hollywood money loving producers who are keen to cash in on sequals to successful originals.
    i truly doubt the team behind 22 jump street were really that smart, but if they were this is a great modern parody with mocking not only itself but every bad sequel in cinema.

    i'll watch it again and it might just scrape the list.

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    For game fans i also can recommend Warcraft ;-)

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    saw 97 of that films list dukey , so im nearly there

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    Drive (2011)
    Tomb Raider (2018)
    Halloween (2007)
    Halloween 2 (2009)
    American Pie (1, 2, 3, Wedding, Band Camp, The Naked Mile, Presents Beta House and The Book of Love)

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